Payment and delivery of goods in the store

The minimum order is $ 300.

Delivery Methods

Air Cargo Delivery:

  • Kazakhstan (Almaty) $ 4.5 kg + $ 7 per place (3 days delivery), ground transportation 2.2 $ per kg (10-15 days) further by local Cargo to your city.
  • Russia (Moscow) 5 $ kg + 10 $ per place (5-7 days delivery), 7 $ per kg + 10 $ per place (3 days), ground transportation 3 $ per kg (15-20 days) further by local shopping centers to your city.
  • Uzbekistan 5 $ kg to any city. (3 days)
  • Ukraine 6 $ kg to any city (3 days).
  • Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) $ 4.3 kg + $ 7 a place (2 days delivery). 1.7 $ kg (10 days)

* On the day of delivery, leave the phone turned on so that the Cargo representative can contact you.

* Upon receipt of the order, be sure to check the conformity of the goods in the package. In case of any problems with the completeness of the order, please contact our manager by phone +90 531 8275633. WhatsApp.

Order payment

Attention, we work on 100% prepayment. After you have made an order, you will receive the details for payment by e-mail. Unpaid orders over 10 days are deleted.

Payment through a bank by money transfer to the name (Golden Crown, Western Union).

When placing an order, indicate the real phone number with Whatsapp or Viber, otherwise the manager will not be able to reach you and your order will be canceled.

Processing and collection of the order from 1 to 3 working days.

Send a receipt of payment to .


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